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  • A refreshing simple icecream recipe made with fresh strawberries, that requires no icecream machine to churn it. This No Churn Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe is a as simple as it can get. A crowd pleaser that is loved by kids and adults alike.
    No Churn Strawberry Ice cream is an easy dessert that requires only 4 ingredients and no special equipment. This ice cream shall is creamy and has a lovely velvet texture too.

    A homemade ice cream is always healthy and cost effective. You can serve this homemade No Churn Strawberry Icecream during summers, to beat the heat.

    A combination of lovely fresh strawberries, whipping cream and condensed milk, what’s not to love.
    Serve No Churn Strawberry Icecream just as is or along with whole wheat waffles and some strawberry syrup on top.

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  • You must try this classic Indian Gulkand Kulfi recipe for the festival of Holi. It is packed with creaminess from the condensed milk along with perfect blend of flavors of rose petals from the Gulkand.

    Gulkand Kulfi Recipe is makes a great twist to the classic Kulfi recipe where milk is thickened and nuts are added to it and set in kulfi moulds. In this recipe, we have added a twist to the traditional kulfi by adding Gulkand to make it more refreshing and inviting.

    There would be a riot of flavours in your mouth as you dig in the first bite, a smooth creamy texture of milk, the fragrance of gulkand (rose petal jam) and along with the refreshing taste of fennel seeds.
    Serve Gulkand Kulfi Recipe as a Indian dessert after your delicious Holi dinner with your friends and family.

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  • Make this creamy Masala Chai Kulfi with biscuit crumbles & dry rose petals on top and serve it as a Indian Dessert for parties or for the festival of Holi or Diwali.
    Masala Chai Kulfi Recipe is a delicious kulfi recipe made out of ever loved masala chai (spiced tea). The masala chai gets a summer makeover with the delicious kulfi. Masala chai is always enjoyed during a cold morning or on a rainy day; this kulfi recipe is a twist to the masala chai can be enjoyed on a sunny day or for the festival of Holi.

    Masala Chai Kulfi can be served with biscuit crumbles, bourbon chocolate syrup and some dry rose petals on top, to enhance the flavours of Masala Chai Kulfi as your mind blowing Indian Party Dessert. Serve this masala chai kulfi for the festival of holi or for the diwali party when you have friends over at home for parties.

    Serve Masala Chai Kulfi Recipe With Bourbon Chocolate Syrup after a meal of Aloo Matar Sabzi , Ajwain Puri and Boondi Raita Recipe Spiced With Black Salt.

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  • Serve the Orange Kulfi Recipe as an cold indian dessert for parties or during the festival of Holi or simply make for the summers and enjoy it with your family.

    The Orange Kulfi Recipe is delicious twist to traditional kulfi which is packed with flavors from the Orange rind and set in the orange shells to be frozen. The first time I tasted this Kulfi was in the streets of Kolkata, where they serve the orange kulfi in the orange shell. The refreshing flavors from the orange is absolutely delicious and makes a comforting indian dessert for parties after a heavy meal.

    Serve the Orange Kulfi Recipe as an cold indian dessert for parties or during the festival of Holi or simply make for the summers and enjoy it with your family.

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    Paan Matka Kulfi Recipe

    by Krishkarthik
    by Krishkarthik

    Paan Matka Kulfi Recipe is a delicious Indian frozen delight of reduced milk flavoured with saffron cardamom and pre dominant flavours of the meetha paan. Serve it as dessert after festival feasts or at a dinner party.
    Paan Matka Kulfi Recipe is riot of flavours in your mouth. The milk is reduced to half its quantity, flavoured with hints of saffron and cardamom and then the star ingredient – meetha paan is added to the reduced milk.

    Sweetened with sugar that needs to be in tandem with the dry meetha paan added to the kulfi. Garnished with some pistachios and dry rose petals, this recipe is an absolute winner.

    This paan flavoured kulfi is then set in an earthen mini pot or matka as we call it. Setting the kulfi in the matka, adds to that earthy flavour in the kulfi.

    Serve Paan Matka Kulfi Recipe after a meal of Amritsari Ajwaini Paneer Recipe, Butter Garlic Naan Recipe, Peas Pulao Recipe, and Onion Raita Recipe.

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