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Mujaddara Recipe

by Krishkarthik

A delicious traditional rice recipe from the Middle East. here, follow instruction and ingredients to make mujaddara recipe at home

Cuisine: Middle Eastern  

Course: Dinner

Diet: Vegetarian

Prep in: 180 Minutes

Cooks in: 45 Minutes

Total in: 225M

Makes : 3 Servings

Mujaddara Recipe Ingredients

1 cup Rice , long grain, washed and drained

1 cup Masoor Dal

3 Red onion , thinly but evenly sliced

1 Bay leaf

1 tasp Cumin seeds

1/2 tasp Coriander Powder

1/2 tasp Whole Black Peppercorns , crushed

1/2 tasp Red Chilli powder 

1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt , to taste

Pine nuts , or raisins for garnishing

Lemon juice , from one large lemon

How to make Mujaddara Recipe

To begin making the Mujaddara, wash and soak the masoor/lentils in water for 3-4 hours.

Drain and wash them once again, place them in a saucepan and cover with adequate water to cook them. Place the saucepan on the heat and allow them to cook till softened, al dente.

Meanwhile, heat oil in a wide flat bottom skillet. Add the onions to it and saute on a medium to low flame fry them till golden and crispy (this will take 20-25 minutes of gently sauteing).

Drain the onions with a slotted spoon onto absorbent paper and set aside until later use.

Retain 1 tablespoon oil in the skillet and take out the rest. Add the cooked lentils, spices, salt and half the onions to the oil in the skillet. Toss together to mix.

Add the rice and toss once again. Add about 2-2 ½ cups water or vegetable stock (use leftover liquid from cooking the lentils, if any).

Cook covered till the rice is just cooked, until the grains are soft to bite but grains remain separate and not mushy. Take the rice out in a serving plate and garnish with the rest of the fried onions and pine nuts. Drizzle lime juice, just before serving.